Class Schedules and Descriptions


In the time of "work from home" and "study from home", our pets need to keep busy, too, so we're starting our "dog training from home" option!

Classes will be held via Zoom meetings and each class limited to 8 students so that there is plenty of time for questions and interaction with the instructor.

Because it's at home, our normal restriction on youngsters handling dogs in class will be lifted, so it will be a great opportunity for kids to work with the dogs, too!

All you'll need in order to participate is a device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc) with the Zoom app/program, a little ingenuity, and the normal things like collars and leashes and dog treats.

PLEASE NOTE: These are online only classes and will use the Zoom platform/app

2020 Online Class Schedule, Session 3
Tentative Start Date: Monday, August 10, 2020
All classes are on Monday evening

3:00 PM4:00 pm5:30 pm6:45 pm
Puppy FoundationIntermediate
Beginning ObedienceTricksBeginning Obedience
Advanced Scent IBeginning Scent7:00 PM, Advanced Scent II

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Following the March 19 "shelter at home" order from the State of California, Deep Peninsula Dog Training Club (DPDTC) is continuing our suspension of all in-person Monday night classes.

Class Descriptions

Puppy Foundation
All Sessions, 5:30 pm; Instructor: Reena Walton, Fee: $90
For puppies up to 6 months of age.
Puppy Foundation Class is great for socializing puppies and teaching them the basic skills needed to begin their training. Class is done on leash, and uses food as the motivator to teach: Attention, Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Wait, Off, Stand, Go to Your Place, and many other behaviors relating to puppies.

All Sessions, 6:45 pm; Instructor: Diana Rapa; Fee: $90
For puppies and dogs 7 months of age and older.
At our beginning obedience class for puppies and dogs, we will cover the basics - sit, down, stay, loose lead walking, heel position, stand on command. Through exercises and demonstrations, we will also cover manners and safety around the home and neighborhood. You will learn to motivate your dogs in a positive manner using a variety of games, techniques and methods. The first class meeting is without dogs. We will discuss and demonstrate basic training equipment, the class format, safety and manners, and other topics relevant to our class and the new dog and handler team.

6:45 pm; Instructor: Reena Walton, Fee: $90
This class focuses on improving the dog's reliability with the exercises introduced in the Beginning class. All exercises form the basis for obedience competition as well as being of equal importance to any dog owner to result in a companion dog welcome in the community. The handler should expect to repeat this class two to four times before being ready to move up to the next level.
Prerequisites: dog and handler must have completed a Beginning class at DPDTC (or the equivalent) or have instructor's approval.
This is a one hour class with a limit of 10 dogs.

5:30 pm, Instructor: Diana Rapa, Fee: $90
Is your dog bored at home during those long dark evenings and rainy days? Teach him some tricks!
   Teaching your dog tricks is fun, a great mental exercise, and a great way to use up that extra energy. It will also help you form a strong and mutually enjoyable working relationship with your dog.
   In this class we will work on a variety of tricks, starting with the classics such as sit pretty, shake/wave, bang, roll over, circle/spin, bow, nose/paw target, and crawl and moving onto circus dog tricks such as ride a skateboard, dance, and leg weave. Most tricks will be taught as a progression, so students can work at their own pace, building on what the dog already knows. If your dog already has a basic behavior (for example "shake"), we will add variety (shake with either paw, wave, or high five), distance and duration.
   For those interested in earning titles, visit Do More With Your Dog to learn about the various levels of titles offered.
Come join us and turn your dog into a circus dog!

Scent Work
Instructor: Denise Gormish, Fee: $100
Scent Work allows dogs to use their noses in a manner similar to professional detection dogs. The dog searches for a specific hidden scent and indicates to the owner the source of the scent. In this class dogs learn the target scent (birch) that they will be searching. Once the dog understands the target scent they will begin to search for it among a variety of containers. As their skills increase they will search boxes, exterior areas, interior areas, vehicles, dirt and sand. Proper equipment, how to handle with odor, handler techniques and how to place hides will be covered. Owners will learn the skills needed to compete in trials. Scent work is great for all dogs including senior dogs, young dogs, retired and injured dogs.
Equipment: a 6-foot leash, a buckle collar, a container or pouch to hold treats and lots of small easy-to-eat treats. Other equipment will be addressed on the first day of class. The dog must be able to rest quietly between turns and during lectures. A crate is highly recommended. If you have questions send an email to Denise Gormish
Recommended Prerequisites: dog and handler must have completed an Intermediate class (or the equivalent) or have instructor's approval.